How to know if a hot tub is top quality

To ensure that you simply buy top quality hot tubs, you want to concentrate to every of the subsequent components.

The shell

Made from acrylic, fiberglass and resin, a top quality shell should be thick and reinforced with fiberglass in corners and in strategic places, like rock bottom and underside of ledges and seats. to form sure that this is often the case, we ask to ascertain the fabric in section and that we verify that it's a minimum of 5 mm thick. The finish, on the opposite hand, are often either textured granite, matte or pearlescent. Some manufacturers use Microban technology, which prevents the expansion of bacteria that cause bad odors and therefore the formation of stains.

The skirt

A spa is typically surrounded by a wooden structure that permits it to be leveled and which is a support for the shell. it's on this structure that the skirt is installed, an exterior covering in cedar or resin. Cedar may be a rot-resistant material, but it'll turn gray over time; this doesn't affect its longevity, but may displease some. To preserve its color, it's recommended to treat it with a water repellent. for fewer maintenance, we elect a resin coating imitating wood, the worth of which is analogous to cedar. a crucial point: the various sections of the skirt must be removable;


It plays a crucial role: to guard the water from rubbish, to take care of the water temperature and to stop access to young children. To insulate the spa and facilitate the flow of rainwater, the duvet must be domed and, for safety reasons, it must be ready to be locked. It should even be a minimum of 4 "in its thickest part and a minimum of 3" in its thinnest part, so as to support the load of a toddler . Also check: the leatherette covering the duvet must be flexible to stop it from cracking and simply damaged under the effect of temperature changes.

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