Win a family day out at one of our partners spas!

Moments in the family become more and more rare despite the occupations and the different duties that everyone has to do on a daily basis. Some people living under the same roof only see each other sometime in the week. Organizing family outings or entertainment to do together then becomes very difficult. That's why we allow you to win a family day at one of our partner spas.

Why a spa day?

Wondering why a spa day and not an afternoon in the park for example? We chose the spa because it is our specialty. Then, it is a perfect place and rather unusual to realize a face to face with family. We put at your disposal a spa large enough to accommodate you and your children. If you do not have one, you can take your friends or some people close to you. You can find examples of large spa on Not only can you enjoy the hot water and hydrotherapy but you can also enjoy this moment to talk to each other, to tell the week, to laugh together etc. It is even possible to organize small games like riddles and many more to pass the time.

The benefits of the spa

A quarter of an hour to a half hour of spa allows you to enjoy all the virtues of hot water. You will have the body purified and rejuvenated. In addition to the fact that the water cleans and helps the skin to remove all the impurities that accumulate there, the jets of hot water act on the body as a massage performed by professionals. They help the nerves and muscles to relax. They optimize relaxation. They also help the blood vessels to work better. By dilating these, they boost the transport of blood to all cells. All the organs will be well nourished and the whole organism will be fulfilled. So if you win a spa day in one of our partner spas, you will have the chance to experience this relaxation and well-being with your loved ones.

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